Red Beet Powder

Gluten-free. Additive-free. No sugar added

Beet Powder is a natural colorant and it can be used in making pastries, soup, sauce, as well as in meat, fish and chicken dishes. Beet Powder can be used in infant/child nutrition (in consultation with a doctor) by mixing it with yogurt, kephir, milk, and water. You can also mix it with water or milk and then consume before/after workout since it increases body resistance. You can also add beet powder to your detox drinks since it has antioxidant effects.

Nutrition Facts

Amount per 90gr.


Calories (kcal/100 g-kj/100 g)

241,80 kcal


34,69 gr.


4,17 gr.


30,24 gr.

Dietary Fiber

21,29 gr.


16,36 gr.


Red Beet Powder
Red Beet Powder
Red Beet Powder
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